While this winter has seemed to have lasted twice as long as normal, slowly but surely we are making our way to summer. And you know what that means — it’s grilling season! While the pandemic and the long winter have made it hard to be social and enjoy food with the people we love, we believe things are starting to look up! With people getting their vaccines and warmer weather knocking at our doors, we will soon be able to gather in beautiful backyards, grill some meat, and enjoy life again!

At Just Rubs, we are just as excited about grilling season as you. It is time for you to strap on your mighty grilling apron, unsheathe your spatula, grab your seasoning, and RUB1OUT with us! We have spent years perfecting our meat seasonings and rubs, preparing them for this exact moment in history. If you are as ready for grilling season as we are, be sure to read this blog! We will help you properly prepare for grilling season so that you can ensure everyone is satisfied every time they get a hand on your meat.

Clean Up The Yard

Before you can host any barbecue for the first time in a year, you have to be sure to clean up. We know, this is not fun and not what you had in mind when you pictured grilling season. But you want to impress your guests and you want to ensure they want to come back for more!

Cleaning your yard, touching up your landscaping, and doing everything you can to ensure your grass is lush and green can help to prepare your space for the beautiful gatherings. Set up the cornhole boards and make sure no branches are hanging in the way of the perfect throw. Make sure that there is nothing in the yard that people might trip over on their way to the grill. By prepping your yard, you will be one step ahead of everyone else.

Prep The Grill and Tools

Sadly, you may not have fired up the grill as often as you would have liked in the last year. And since this winter has been dragging on, your grill is going to need to be prepped as well to ensure that it is ready to go when it is needed. Make sure your propane tank is full or that you have all the briquettes you need. Clean out cobwebs, leaves, and other debris that may have taken over the nooks and crannies of your grill.

Hopefully, if you truly love your grill, you had a cover on it or had it stored indoors, away from the elements, to keep it safe and clean during the winter. If not, we forgive you. But be sure to clean it, test it out, and wash all of your grill tools as well before you host your first BBQ. Preparing your grill and tools will make the day more enjoyable.

Practice Some Recipes

What better way to prepare yourself for the grilling season than to practice! You have been out of practice for a while, you are a little rusty, the last thing you want is to embarrass yourself and not present people with the best meat possible. Practice makes perfect, as they say, and you can practice a lot before you host an actual gathering. While grilling skills really never fade, this is a good excuse to get grilling early!

Practice some of the old stuff that made your skills memorable, try some new stuff that will leave everyone impressed. Check out recipes and experiment to find new ways to excite everyone. Be sure to add the RUB1OUT seasonings to your inventory early so that you can find the perfect combination of meat and seasoning before hosting others.

Work On Your Form

While you may consider yourself a grill master, you also need to look like a grill master. Practice your grill stance, work on executing the perfect burger flip, practice some tricks with the spatula that will wow the kiddos at the BBQ. Your grilling form matters, and if you want to be a true master of the grill, you need to have the form and moves down. Practice with distractions. Not only are you the grill master, but you are the grill protector.

Imagine a scenario in which the kids are throwing a football, little Timmy’s aim is off but his arm is strong and he throws the ball in your direction. It is barreling straight for the grill, where all the precious meat is cooking to perfection, you need to be ready to smack that ball out of the air, protecting the food and saving the day. This is why you practice form, to become one with the grill and to truly become the grill master.

Diversify Your Skills

Before you start calling yourself the grill master, however, you have to diversify your skills. We have all been stuck inside for a while, not being able to do much, having to take up new hobbies, and having way too much time to work on ourselves. Because of this, your friends may have changed, but just remember they are still the same people. Just because Dave now prefers veggies and grilled tofu over a big juicy steak doesn’t mean he isn’t the same guy you know and love. And just because he is now a vegetarian doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy your meat.

To ensure that everyone is satisfied at your BBQ, you need to diversify your skills and learn different grilling techniques. Learn how to perfectly grill a black bean burger, practice grilling some veggies, and no matter what, just be sure to use the RUB1OUT seasonings to ensure that those dreaded veggies have the flavor of something much better. And just remember, you can tell Dave to shut up if he goes on too long about his new diet. No one wants to hear about that.

Invest In The Right Rubs

Finally, you need to get the right seasoning and rubs for your meat and whatever else you are forced to grill this year. When you choose RUB1OUT from Just Rubs, you can enjoy a variety of perfect flavors. While we offer a beef rub, jerk rub, pork rub, and poultry rub, you truly can use these on a variety of different foods. The right seasoning can take your grilling skills to the next level. Order our rubs today so that you can start practicing cooking with them, finding the perfect ways to season anything and everything!

We are just as excited for the grilling season as you and by following these tips and preparing for your first BBQ of 2021, you can ensure perfection. Shop Just Rubs for meat rubs and seasonings that will leave everyone wanting more. Contact us with any questions and be sure to check out our recipes for some inspiration!

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